Down south we are all about sitting back and taking it easy, we wave at neighbors and passersby and may even greet them with a good ol' "hey y'all".  We Texans are known for our “southern drawl”, but there’s one thing slower than our speech and it’s our lifestyle.  It’s nothing to take a few left turns and arrive at a cattle filled countryside ranch, or even a field of beautiful wild bluebonnets.  So, the less we have to fuss over our wardrobe the better.  It’s all about lookin' great with minimum effort. 
The Paola kimono duster makes coordinating a breeze.  It is made in a wildly nostalgic vintage inspired sheer earthy print that proves to be quite versatile.  Add a belt tied under the bust to create a more defined waistline or wear it open over any earth tone piece or jeans to complete a casual and modern bohemian look.
Muse: Andrea Grant


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