Muse: Andrea Grant
Top: Sunflower Top
My husband (then boyfriend) once told me, "If you love zebras, then love zebras.  Love what you love."  Now this may sound ridiculous even pointless seeing how our conversation had nothing to do with animals.  However, it was this statement that made him go from boyfriend to husband. Haha.  The gist of it was simple, love what makes you happy, don't allow society to determine what's best for you.  
This statement has trickled down into the Uptown Collection for sure.  Having always admired the peasant skirt, I have kept my distance.  In stores there was always something that didn't quite work.  Either the print was hideous, the fabric was too heavy and bulky or it was an unflattering length usually giving the appearance of Hulk calves.  I so desperately wanted to fall in love with peasant designed the Martina.
It is everything that I could never find!  The perfect true maxi length, light weight sheer fabric with the lightest lining in an artsy bohemian print and the added bonus of pockets to discretely conceal my keys! Tee hee!  Score!  I am now in LOVE with peasant skirts...well this one at least.
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