Isn't it interesting the way that the mind stores away and compartmentalizes certain things?  Some of the things we store away unknowingly become a part of who we are.  There will be experiences, people, advice, sounds, places and things that will appear more vividly in your mind than others.  Whenever we recall them, we do so in great detail.  Sometimes, if you pay very close attention, you will feel it but you won't always know what it is.

Allow me to take you was freshman year of college I met my Drawing 101 professor.  One day a student gets discouraged because their drawing wasn't as perfect as others and the professor turned and said something that stuck with me.   She stood firmly and said, "Everything is art. Everything."

I recall this quote often, I've carried it like a shiny token...but today, it has found its place.  My idea of professionalism used to be that I had to be a more robotic version of myself, someone a little more watered down, a little more, cómo se dice...digestible.  Fact is, long before I was a business owner, I was an artist.  Before conversations about hemlines, I was having conversations about life.  I felt I had to do "business" a certain way in order to be successful and separate business and real life.  But wait, if "Everything is art..."  that would mean that "Life is art"? 

In times when I feel discouraged or hit a creative block, I remind myself that it isn't a block at all, that there are simply other gifts that need to be explored at that particular time.   I now understand that every time I share parts of my journey with you, I am still creating, still painting a picture, still an artist and still professional.  It really is okay to do things your way.


Thank you for meeting me here in this space...



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