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 Skirt:  Cheri Pleated Skirt

Muse:  Taylor Hintze

The trees are all bare, the pavement has seen a bit of snow and there’s a sharp bite in the air.  One thing is for certain, it’s winter.   Stepping out into this chilly weather proved to be a breeze for Connecticut native Taylor Hintze.  Between shots, there was no shortage of wintry snow storm stories.  One of which included a 30 day school shutdown and frozen water reserves!  Geez!

Battle this stubborn frost with warm threads and cool colors.  There’s nothing easier than throwing on a pair of sneakers and 16 sweatshirts, but who has ever pulled off that look?  Nooooobody!  Instead, reach for your thickest and most stylish options.  It’s a great idea to stock up on solids and neutrals in the winter, this allows for mixing and matching to the max!

What items do you stock up on in the winter?   Share in the comments below!

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