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 Who doesn’t love a nice thick scarf in this harsh winter weather?  There’s such an array of color and coziness to choose from.  Can we say perfect accessory?
Blanket scarves are the biggest things in this season’s accessory trend.  They are truly everywhere and becoming more stylish and feminine by the day.  The styling possibilities are endless; there are seriously dozens of ways to tie them. 
Don’t worry, for today we will only take a look at 2 simple styles for a fuss free addition to your wardrobe.  See them with the Norah Printed Maxi Dress.

 Style 1:  THE BANDANA
Simply fold your scarf in half diagonally so that it forms a triangle.  Next tie it around your neck like a wild wild west bandit, you should have two short tails hanging over your shoulders.  You can either leave them exposed or tuck them in under the largest bundle of the scarf.



Style 2:  THE CAPE
For this look, there really are no rules.  Just drape it over your shoulders as you see fit and voila!


Model: Taylor Hintze

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