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Muse: Amanda Moak
You know that feeling you get while standing on a sun-soaked deck?  Yeah, you know, that moment you feel like Rose from Titanic!  When you find yourself with your eyes closed, both hands on the railing and the wind blowing furiously through your hair!  Lol.  Well, this design was inspired by that epic moment of freedom and ultimate femininity.   
Who better to have in such a look but this free-spirited stunner.  She seeks adventure in every town she visits and leaves her mark behind in each.  Spending most of the year traveling from one exciting destination to the next, Amanda mentioned the one place she has on her list this year is Mexico!  Let's just say, she's going to make one fine senorita.
Are you traveling this year?  If so, where?
I'd love to hear all about your coming adventures!  Comment below.
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