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Muse: Amanda Moak
For most, expressing personal style is as easy as 1 2 3.  Add a bit of color here, a razzle dazzle there and voila!  For some however, creating a look that feels both stylish and sophisticated presents a slight challenge. Whether you’re creating the perfect interview outfit or simply wanting a more mature style, these 4 tips will guide you towards that goal.  So let’s dissect a few visual fashion points of sophistication.
  1. Select The Right Pieces
Feel free to experiment with mixing items from your closet; just be sure not to go overboard.  Play around with matching up unlikely silhouettes and prints.
  1. Wear Neutral Colors
If bright colors are your thing and you just can’t go a day without them, then rock on!  However, wearing neutral or muted pieces make us feel powerful, strong and confident.
  1. Accessorize With Intention
Swap out large statement pieces for more classic pieces like a single chain necklace, stud earrings or a charm bracelet.
  1. Don’t Show Your Midriff
Does this mean you should abandon crop tops all together?  No.  The key is to pair your crop tops with high-rise pants or a high-waist skirt to pull off a more mature fashion statement.
What was your favorite Sophisticated Style Tip?  Comment Below!


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