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So you've made the connection, spent countless hours on the phone, but now it's time to turn it up a notch.  It's Friday and your first date is only days away!  There's only one problem; what on earth are you going to wear?


A common mistake most first time daters make is dressing to impress.  Not quite what you expected to hear huh?  Well, most people want to impress, seduce, entice and in short, "WOW" their dates.  This often times leads to wearing some of the most uncomfortable clothing, shoes and hairstyles imaginable.

Imagine you are sitting across the table from your date.  The evening couldn't be more perfect, except for the painful throbbing in your feet and you can't stop stepping out of your heels underneath the table.  You miss all of the delicious small talk because not only are your shoes too tight, so is your dress which you find yourself pulling it down every 2 minutes.  Oh, and if only you could gaze into his dreamy eyes without your newly cut bangs stabbing you in the eyeballs.  Sigh.

By now you get the picture.  Your date will sense your shifty behavior and may misinterpret your discomfort for disinterest.  All of those small uncomfortable moments will slim your chances of a second date.

Instead, consider a wardrobe that keeps you in your comfort zone.  Wear clothing that fits your personality and body type.  The key here is WEAR THE THINGS YOU LOVE, your true personality is sure to shine through when you are comfortable and in familiar threads.  Your date will be charmed by your confidence and appreciate the more genuine you.  The rest my dear, is a cake walk! Bon Appétit! 

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