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Let’s just be honest, none one really like rules, especially when it comes to how you should dress, right?  Well in most cases rules are a drag, in this case however, they are quick, simple and easy little notes to remember when putting together a super stylish look.
Now, how about we jump right into the Three Most Important Rules Every Fashionista Should Know.
 1. Always Be Comfortable
The ultimate key to nailing that perfect look is confidence. Your style should be a clear reflection of who you are, and this is when you can be most comfortable.  Comfort isn’t just about loose clothing and flats, it’s also about what makes you feel like the most confident version of yourself.  This could mean, slacks and loafers or a flirty dress and sexy pumps, this is all up to you.
2. Always Dress for the Occasion
Dress codes have become more flexible these days, leaving plenty of wiggle room when it comes to selecting your ensemble.  However, it’s always important to keep the occasion in mind.  Is the event casual?  Is it formal?  The last thing you want is to arrive in an outfit so dressy that you can’t enjoy those baby back ribs they are serving.  Or even arrive so casual that everyone assumes you are the fashionably challenged country bumpkin related to Jethro Clampett.  You certainly don’t want that!
 Above: Manda Mermaid Maxi Skirt
3. Always Dress for Your Shape
Women have many different body types, that’s just one of the things that make us so magical!  It is very important to know what pieces work best for your shape.  There’s no sin in being aware of areas you love to emphasize or minimize.  Besides, knowing this key element also speaks volumes about your personality.  It shows that you’re a woman who is self-aware and has it together.

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