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 Let’s face it; Monday has been known to cause chronic headaches, call-in-itis, and all around bad attitudes.  This Monday however, while the rest of the world is suffering from “stank face”, you will be all smiles.
1.  Treat Yourself
Instead of waiting for the weekend to shop and indulge, try online shopping on a Monday and reward yourself for getting up and going to work, maybe even have a super cheat meal that day.  
2.  Call the Funniest Person You Know!
In a world of social media, we tend to forget how it all began!  The ancient telephone conversation!  Funny people are carefree by nature and will quickly lift your mood and quite possibly leave you with laughs to remember throughout your day.
3.  Avoid TGIF Mode.
People who go into TGIF (thank God it's Friday) mode tend to live for the weekend and try to cram all of the fun into Saturday and Sunday thus leading to an exhausting Monday.  Opt instead to plan something fun during the week after work to spread out the fun.
4.  Relax, Relate, Release!
Pick at least one day out of the week to relax at home, gather your thoughts, destress and plan the remainder of your week.
5.  Girl, Put Your Records On!
Corrine Bailey Rae had the idea!  Music can improve your mood and overall happiness.  Grab your favorite records and groove, sing, hey, even do the "running man" to that old MC Hammer cassette tape!  If you actually still have one, I won’t judge you, promise!
6.  Look Your Best!
I've said it time and time again, "When you look better, you feel better"- wise words from my grandmother.  Take a little extra time in the mirror; you will be in shock over the speed at which your mood takes a 180. 
7.  Don't Cheat Your Biological Clock.
If your body is used to waking up at a certain time of the morning during the week, keep those hours even on your off days.  Sleeping in only causes the body to go into shock once it's time to adult again on Monday.
8.  Daydream
Daydreaming has been given such a bad name as of late.  In reality its a form of escapism allowing you to enjoy a little mental vacation and get away from the monotony of Mondays.  Think about where you'd like to go on vacation, or about the fun things you have planned for the week.
9.  Get Organized.
A well organized workspace creates a sense of zen while working.  Clutter in a workspace naturally creates anxiety, aside from endlessly searching for something under a pile of everything, you are constantly thinking, "I should really clean this space, but I don't have the time!"  Just clear the clutter bit by bit if you have to.
10.  Smile More.
If you aren't a morning person this can be especially difficult but has a huge payoff in the end.  Even if you have to "fake it till you make it" your warm smile sends a welcoming signal to those around you allowing them to drop guards and interact freely with a bit of light banter.  Who knows, they may even have a good joke or two under their sleeves.
11.  Go Green.
Try adding a small live plant to your workspace to relax you and relieve tension.  It's natures little stress reliever.
12.  Identify the Problem
Do some self reflection exercises.  Analyze why Mondays are so difficult to conquer.  Is the job stressful?  Is it time for a career change?  Is it the hours?  Could it be an unbearable coworker?  Identify the problem and go into problem solving mode.
Remember, just smile at yourself in the mirror, show those pearly whites and know that you are beautiful, you are a conqueror, and you have total authority over your day.

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