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How to Find The Perfect Maxi Skirt

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Top:  Bette Midi Dress (styled as top)
Model:  Ty Johnson
Who doesn't love a great maxi skirt, right?  Here are a few tips to help you along the next time you are in the market for new digs!
Find a maxi skirt with just the right amount of extra room in the waist, nothing too big.  A small amount of extra room gives you the option to tuck in a blouse or thin sweater comfortably.  With this, you also have the option to wear your shirt tails in or out. 
From petite ladies to the tall Amazonian queens, any woman can wear maxi skirts.  The key is to choose the appropriate length.  You don’t want a skirt so long that it drags the ground; you also don’t want it so short that it is dangerously close to being a midi skirt.  Either extreme will actually distort your proportions and make you appear shorter and wider. Instead shoot for hems that are at least 0.5”-1.5” above the ground.
Not all maxi skirts are created equal, but if you’ve ever discovered pockets in your maxi skirt after several wears then you understand the magic of utility.  Skirts with tabs for keys, lipstick slots or roomy pockets are a total plus. The ability to cleverly tuck away your essentials without carrying a purse allows your maxi skirt to remain the star of the show.

Tip: Wearing a cropped top or tucked in shirt evens out your proportion and makes your legs appear longer.

Now, go get your maxi on!

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