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There is no cute and fluffy way to enter into this, so let’s just be frank.   Do you ever find yourself bored with the everyday hustle and bustle?  For the average person, a point in life is reached when the need for change boils up within. 

For most people, the idea of stepping outside of “the comfort zone” is frightening.  Fear is normal but produces no results; don’t fret, because the key to success is “change”.  In order to change in a way that will benefit you financially, creatively, or professionally, one must be willing to try something that they have never tried before. 

Our past is our greatest asset in life.  For most, failure is such a bitter pill to swallow, but it is necessary for growth.  It’s all of the wrong steps taken toward your goal that will eventually lead you to the right one. 

Question:  How will you reach your goal?

  1. Failure 1
  2. Failure 2
  3. Wait patiently
  4. Omg! Another failure!
  5. New strategy

Think of it like this, your goal is the question and your past attempts/failures are 4 of the 5 multiple choice answers.  As we grow by failure, we become one step closer to scratching out the wrong answers until we are left with only one; the “right” one. 

Here is when we begin to live in our success. 

So leap out of “the comfort zone” and go for it!

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