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"Oh my gosh, she's so extra!"  We've all said it at least once in our lives! lol.  It's often used in a negative connotation.  Usually, someone is being excessive, over the top and borderline annoying!  You know!  In this case however it's totally a good thing.  There's just something about wearing that particular dress that makes you feel like the most comfortable and confident version of yourself.  In this case, the Ohlson maxi dress allows you to do just that!  The feminine silhouette is a dream, from the soft scoop neckline to the slimming waist and full skirt that gives off instant hourglass vibes.  Shift and twirl confidently, enter the room like a modern day Disney princess, go ahead, it's okay.  You deserve to be EXTRA every once in a while and the difference here is that you can do it without really doing anything at all!
Muse: Andrea Grant

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