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Boho style embodies bohemian and retro hippie influences in fashion with organic and colorful details paired with modern minimalism.  The folk-inspired weaves, tribal prints and patterns are all of what makes this style so attractive, worldly and unique.  So, how do you achieve this earthy look?  Here are a few simple tips:


  • Opt for rich hues that are generally found in nature such as earth and jewel tones.
  • Select folky, tribal or retro prints with muted colors.
  • When in doubt, choose flowing apparel like tent dresses, tunics, maxi skirts or full maxi dresses.
  • Experiment with textures like crochet, folk-inspired weaves or lace.
  • Trade sparkling jewels for sterling silvers, brass, turquoise and suede accessories.
  • Layer and stack jewelry with a more rustic or worn appeal.  


Overall, this style is carefree, so have fun with it!  Be sure to follow the Pinterest board below for a bit more inspiration.


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