YouTube makeup and hair tutorials make us feel as if the world is our oyster when it comes to beauty, but do you ever wonder, “Do these people have jobs or children?”  Where do they find the time to do this every day?  The truth is that we are often so consumed with our daily obligations that we have very little time to get dolled up, assuming we even have the energy to do so. Often times, we only have a good 10 minutes to spare.

Well here's a relief, it's totally possible to look chic in less than 10 minutes. The key is minimalism.

  • Opt for wrinkle-free: wrinkle-free clothing is a super time saver.  No time to pull out the iron? No problem!  Just grab it and slide it on.
  • Wear neutral colors: neutrals make it easier to pair and layer with other items as well as coordinate accessories, so you can just grab your favorite bag, keep on the necklace you forgot to take off the night before and go.
  • Don’t forget your eyes: no need for a full face, simply wear eyeliner or mascara to highlight your eyes which tips off that your entire look was well thought out and intentional.

All that's left is to grab your keys and go!  So the next time you are running late and have minimal time to spare, try these style tips, no one will ever know that you got dressed in less than 10 minutes.  Now, spend less time stressing over what to wear for the day and more time enjoying it.


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