Cruising across the Atlantic, sunbathing in the Bahamas or sight-seeing in Greece…Your flight and hotel were booked months in advance and the only thing left to do is pack. 
Eek!  With all of the new luggage rules it seems as if the airlines don’t want us to be fabulous!  Really, after packaging a dozen clear baggies and measuring ounces, who has the energy to shop and assemble a fabulous wardrobe?  Well then, let’s keep it simple and fuss free.
Say goodbye to “Plane Clothes” no one wants to arrive to their destination in sneakers and a hoodie.  Barf!  Why not arrive in style?  Try opting for wrinkle free clothing with just the right amount of comfort, nothing too binding.   You want just enough coverage to combat the airport chill without the bulk so that you fit right in as you land at your lavish getaway.  Like the Kimmie Abstract Maxi Dress seen here,  low wrinkle or wrinkle free clothing travels best.  Printed fabrics hide wrinkles better than any solid colors.  Look for clothing with rayon, cotton or polyester to save time on ironing each day.  
Bonus Tip:
If you are a heavy packer, roll each item before placing in suitcase, this allows for maximum space.    View more items HERE


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