They say, "Timing is everything." Well, so is sizing!

Listen y'all, what a year this has been, and unfortunately, it's still 2020!  Emotions are raw, patience is low and tensions are high.  Although not much can cure the weary soul at a time like this, I can remove at least one stressor...size selection.  As a customer centric business it is my duty to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible.  Although sizing varies from brand to brand, I have simplified the process by streamlining sizing and making charts easier to read.  Alpha and Numeric Chart measurements have been adjusted and recalculated to improve your overall shopping experience.
So what does this all mean to you?  This means that now you will be able to select sizes more comparable to what you're used to across brands, and find a suitable fit even if you don't have your measurements handy.  This also means that I am offering COMPLIMENTARY shipping on all orders for a limited time as you find the perfect fit with the new size guide. 

Use code:  Change2020  

Being the sole operator of my company allows me certain liberties when customizing my brand to better suit your needs, however, change would not come as swift if it weren't for your feedback, so thank you!
*Note:  this does not affect orders placed prior to July 3, 2020.
**Shipping not to exceed $20 USD
See new Size Guide here.
Final thought:  It's very important to take a little personal inventory in this time of turmoil.  Make this year about self-reflection, progress, strength and courage.


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