Dress: Alessia Maxi Dress (DIMILOC)
Meanwhile in 2018...alright, alright!  Just before the ball dropped I made the decision to get out of the box and stretch myself beyond my comfort, I jumped IN FRONT of the camera!  Eek!  If it weren't for the frigid cold, all I would have focused on was how extremely awkward I felt. lol . If we are going to be honest, I prefer being the woman behind the camera, where I have 100% control.  Control over angles, control over lighting, control over backgrounds.  However, growth is all about being comfortable with change and being willing to sacrifice control in some areas in order to flourish in others.  If you read "Loving the Real You" on the blog, you know all about the beginning of this shift.  So here's to a new and exciting 2018!


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