How To Style A Maxi Duster




 Cochi Maxi Duster / Dimiloc
Booties / JustFab
We’ve all had those days when you look into your closet and “there’s nothing to wear”.  Of course, you can always opt for the classics, basic jeans and solid top.  Meh.  But it’s possible to take that basic ensemble from “blah” to chic.
Before you give up, there’s one key item that will simplify life.  Drumroll please…The Duster!  Dusters have long evolved since the early 1900’s from protecting the day’s outfit from dust while riding to and fro, to now being one of the most popular staples in closets worldwide.  This fashionable layering piece pairs perfectly with denim, leggings, pencil dresses, etc.  The polished structure of dusters instantly elevates a basic outfit.
Look below for examples of fashionistas boosting their looks with this “must-have” item.
Milah Maxi Duster / Dimiloc
Melina Maxi Duster / Dimiloc
Kye Black Maxi Duster / Dimiloc
Photo: TallSwag


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