I find that lately there’s been so much talk about masculinity and femininity.  However, the view seems a bit skewed.  Women who display strength or who may seem hard and guarded are deemed as masculine and men who cry or show too much emotion are seen as feminine.  How have we allowed these two words to be used against us in such a negative way?

Instead we must understand that emotions do not solely belong to ONE SEX.  These are all HUMAN emotions.  We all experience them both, but society drives a divide between even the sexes convincing us that we should be limited in our emotions.  Truth is, we all FEEL, emotions are natural, both men AND women experience trauma which manifests itself in many ways.  Therefore, we must first create safe spaces to heal ourselves so that we can become safe spaces for one another...and THAT sounds like harmony.
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Candace L.

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  • Candace: May 04, 2022
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    @Shedaash – LOL, It in fact was H-Town!

  • Shedaash: May 04, 2022
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    I agree. Was it not H-Town who song, “emotions make you cry sometimes.” Anyone one with the ability to feel emotions can relate.

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