I’ve worked at separating myself from my business in an effort to find balance, however it also drew separation between myself and the art…a bond to never be broken. There was desperate need to reconnect.  Taking personal inventory has become a conscious effort.  Paying strong attention to “how the work it makes me feel.”
So how did it feel designing this gown?  Like WATER.  It felt like a steady and rushing water from my fingertips.  Water so fresh I could literally taste it on my tongue as I worked.  It felt like quenching a thirst that no beverage could fill. It felt like molding a dream and watching it take its first breath at completion.
...and with that we have the completion of Gown Godiva.  An elegant shimmering gown designed with an asymmetrical dripping hem mimicking decadent chocolate melting slowly over the body.  The shimmering copper reflects the light with every movement as the hand beaded ties reflect in an array of deep tones.
Relishing in the process of designing this dress brought me to the realization that I don’t design because I love fashion.  I design because I am madly in love with ART and the boundlessness of the imagination!  ( View Now )
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