In a society of miniskirts and platform pumps, there’s a rise of women dressing more conservatively. Women are now opting to be noticed for style rather than all of their “assets”.  Modest fashion is a woman’s choice of longer hemlines or longer sleeves, for example.  Most women who are confident in who they are usually find themselves more comfortable in long, beautiful, eye-catching clothing that isn’t overtly sexy.  
Modesty has evolved over the years, now ranging from apparel that offers maximum coverage for religious needs to items that may offer less coverage but are more traditional in style. Basically, women want to look chic while remaining relatively covered. 
This modest dress epitomizes everything women love about fashion; and that's versatility!  The combinations are limitless; add a vest, light jacket, stunning jewelry, gorgeous tresses, belts, the world is really your oyster in a simple modest dress.
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Muse:  Andrea Grant
Jewelry: Dimiloc


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