Show your passion for the modern multicultural world we live in today. Cultures much different from our own have intrigued us since the beginning of time.  But how does this translate into our personal style, why are these multi-cultural looks so enticing and long-lasting? 
Throughout the fall collection you will find various folk-inspired elements such as earthy tones and ornate prints incorporating ethnic fashion styles from around the world.  We are often drawn to such elements because they represent more than a trend, instead, this style draws on a deeply rooted way of life, an emotional connection, a rich history.  It’s no wonder why the rich colors and fluid shapes of this style is exactly what brings fashionistas to them time and time again.  Women who opt for these looks aren’t afraid to like what they like, regardless of the world around them. 
In the Tiki Maxi Skirt, this worldly trend has been updated in contemporary textiles and silhouettes.  Shop it HERE.


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