Growing up, I was literally my Papa’s biggest fan, and no one could tell me different, still am truth be told.  Now, if memory serves, my Papa was over 6”, what some would call “a man’s man” but more in love with his family than anything.  Hands down one of the most beautiful spirits I’ve been blessed enough to know in this life.  (rest his soul)  I absolutely adored everything about him.  Well, almost everything…You see, my grandfather was OBSESSED with Anita Baker’s music.  Now, when I tell you, I was never a fan, I couldn’t understand what she was saying.  I remember riding shotgun in his Silverado, thinking to myself, “Why are we listening to this???”  Y’all, I just wanted to pull my hair out! LOL.    You see, my Papa was fun, a protector, charismatic, highly intelligent, …so, yeah.  I couldn’t quite understand why he was so enamored with “gibberish”.

Funny thing is, life has a way of opening your ears once it has the opportunity to open your eyes.  For those who may be unfamiliar with Anita Baker, have a listen to songs like, “Giving You the Best That I’ve Got”, “I Apologize”, “Sweet Love”  just to name a few.  These songs are of a love so full and passionate, a love accepting of faults, a love that is worth sacrificing ego.  THIS is what my Papa was listening to.  He was connected to a feeling to his true self, to the desires of his heart.  It made me realize that there is great connection between what we listen to and the type of life that we experience or desire for ourselves.

Now, I find myself in a space of understanding.  Understanding that, what we listen to or even watch are in a sense a daily mantra or meditation for yourself and your life.  It calls those experiences into your life.  That ever-evolving, ever-understanding, ever-grateful, vulnerable and romantic picture of love Anita painted in every verse was in essence his true self.  I can remember my Papa waking every weekend before the crack of dawn for work.  He was so careful as not to wake Granny and I as we rested.  Without missing a beat, he’d get ready for work, but before he left, he always made Granny and I breakfast, with a fresh pitcher of pancake batter FROM SCRATCH…ANNNNNND clean the kitchen before he left!!!  Lawd, I NOW know that Granny was in her bag when choosing him. *nod of approval*  But, there was never a moment where he wasn’t willing to serve her or his family.  Until this day, I have never seen a love as beautiful as theirs nor a friendship as genuine…*exhale*  He, in essence, was able to manifest and experience the greatest parts of love because of this.


It’s easy to get lost in a melody, but remaining conscious of what lifts from the tongue and is welcomed into our ears.  What are we calling into our experience?  To put it plainly, if someone listens to songs about always being broke…and they’re always broke…gon’ help them update that playlist. Lol  Same for sad/toxic love songs…if someone is struggling in love, shifting to love songs that speak of what is DESIRED vs. what is not desired.  Listening to songs of depression…and depressed?  Try mixing in a few upbeat tracks.  Feeling unmotivated?  Try listening to a few of my favorite speakers, Les Brown or Eric Thomas.


I’ve learned that what a person listens to continuously eventually becomes a reflection of their true character.  Now, I don’t suggest wiping out your favorite playlist…no, it’s just a personal statement of self-awareness.  I am constantly learning.

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  • Demetria Genesy: May 25, 2022
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    This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing details about your grandfather. I can’t imagine because my grandfather was totally different but to know that there was a real man out there made me smile. 😊

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