Spring/Summer '17: Behind The Scenes

Now that the dust has settled from last weekend's show, and the high energy of preparation has finally calmed, let's take some time to go backstage for the Dimiloc Spring/Summer /17.
For this season's look, I chose an effortless look with bohemian waves, curls and braids.  For makeup, a subtle smokey eye and nude lip.  Without hesitation pro makeup artist Elena Doan of Makeup Theory brought the vision to life on model Angel Dial.
Click here for more work from Makeup Theory.
Model Iman Jones, handling some very important business backstage...
The amazing Project Manager, Candace Brown backstage taking a break for a silly moment with Snapchat! lol.
A face you are quite familiar with, stunning high fashion model Drew Lindsey.  She always arrives with a smile and super positive energy.  Bless her heart, she even took the time to say a quick prayer for me backstage! *tear*  Love her to pieces!
It's always great to meet someone who wears as many hats as myself.  Here Tiffany Dawn, pro makeup artist of Dusted By Dawn, came to grace the runway for Dimiloc and had no problem jumping into hair stylist mode to lend a hand, ultimately creating a beautiful goddess braid on model Deepika Ramesh.
...because models do eat! Psst!  Check out my mom in the left mirror reflection!  She hates taking pictures so this was the best I could do.  She is truly my biggest fan and always helps in any way she can.  She's like SuperMom.  Oh, yeah, that's me with the camera in the mirror reflection. lol.
Another familiar face, model Andrea Nicole Smith shows us how it's done!  Now if only I could figure out how she keeps that waistline! lol.
Model Lashond Rodgers practicing her runway strut pre-show. (As if she needs practice)
The gorgeous Maricruz Espinoza on the runway for final walk-throughs before the show.
Both sweet and fierce Deepika Ramesh on final walk-throughs pre-show. 
Save of the day goes to Veronica Harris, assisting with hair in a major way!
A few post and pre-show usies! Myself with, Right: Drew Lindsey Left: Candace Brown.
In every event there are always minor hiccups and this day was no exception, lol,  from the hairstylist canceling just before call time to me trying to track down my prep luggage (frantically).  I am truly blessed that my team was so amazing from, hair, to makeup, to models.  This amazing group of ladies made backstage feel like a family reunion, tons of laughter, encouragement, sharing and joy!  Thankful and humbled to have shared the stage with all of you!



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