I have come to realize that nothing comes, if not to teach us something about ourselves.  Every victorious accomplishment, every unpleasant experience or’s all to show us something.  In many ways we remain stationary for far too long, hoping that our surroundings or situations would change.  However, I am not quite sure life is set up as such.  When I find myself in such a space, I remind myself of the MIRRORS.  In life, no one crosses your path by chance.  Every person you meet is divinely placed and every situation you find yourself in, you have been divinely placed.  It is for us then to seek out what is being shown/taught to us.

For this reason, I refer to them as MIRRORS.  They are the things and people who show up in our lives to show us our true selves.  In the coming weeks I would like to share with you 3 MIRRORS that changed my view of life forever and for the sake of brevity…Let’s get into it, shall we?


In times of darkness and sadness, I tend to avoid mirrors and photos.  After examining and re-examining what’s reflected, what I see is horrid.  I see someone old, worn, and ugly.  Thoughts I’d normally keep to myself, but found the nerve to say aloud one day.  At that moment, a MIRROR turns my face from the glass, looks into my eyes and says, “Your face never changes, your MOOD does, you are beautiful every single day, you are only seeing how you feel.”...and placed a glass kiss on my forehead.  From that day forward, anytime I get the urge to scurry past a mirror, I am reminded to check in with myself.  Ask myself, “How am I really feeling?”  “What part of my life am I avoiding?” “Is it time for a reset?”

As adults we become magicians at hiding ourselves from the world, but we aren’t quite clever at hiding from ourselves.  Only WE know how we feel and WHY we feel it, therefore only we can see that mysterious change.  Our mirrors often show us WHO WE ARE, not WHAT WE FEEL in the moment, because feelings change, as do situations.  Who we are lives within the memory of our genetic coding…I am thankful for this mirror and for the reflection.

I challenge you to take just 3 minutes today, look at yourself in the mirror and check in with yourself, congratulate yourself, heal yourself.

If you’d rather take baby steps…just clean the mirrors in your space.

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  • Erma jackson: June 28, 2024
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    I’m looking in the mirror so I can see my true self.

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