While designing the Giovanna top, a few of the brass buttons fell to the table making a slight clinking sound, as that of large coins, suddenly triggering a distant memory.  Isn’t it interesting how sounds can carry us back into a place of true nostalgia.  This pitching sound took me back to a warm and sunny day nearly 8 years ago.  I call it the Day of the Penny.
It was a warm, sunny day and I’d decided to take a walk for a bit of fresh air to clear the mind.  Not even 2 minutes in, I noticed a penny on the ground, briefly contemplated picking it up but decided to step over it and continue on.  I walked for another 30 minutes or so, however, all along the way, I kept thinking about that penny.  I’d stepped over change thousands of times before, but it was this single penny that plagued my mind.  To myself, “Why didn’t you pick it up?”  “Is it not money?”  “Does it not have value?” “How can you expect abundance when I walk over the smallest blessings?”  The thoughts ceased only when I’d made it clear to myself what was to be done.
I decided that if that penny were still in place on my way back, that I’d pick it up and plant that seed of abundance.  Nearly 2 minutes from home, lo and behold, there it was, the penny.  I quickly tucked it into my pocket and gave words of gratitude and understanding that small seeds will one day grow to provide an abundance of shade.  Till this day, I’m sure not to step over any small blessing I see shining on the ground or all around me in life.
This lesson has since evolved.  In a sense that the Penny and our personal gifts are synonymous.  We have to see the value in our own gifts, never leaving any of them on the ground to be walked over and forgotten.  They must be taken up and held tightly, use them to build, use them to grow.  Once you’ve taken the sacred bits for yourself, share the rest of your gifts with the world, because trust me, the world is waiting!


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